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Halloweensie: Susanna Leonard Hill's 11th annual Halloween Writing Contest

Craft a children's (12 and under) Halloween Story in 100 words or less using the following words: Glow-in-the-Dark; Goodies; and Goosebumps.

This is my entry...


by Chris Garcia-Halenar

99 words

“This is humiliating - can we go home now?”

Xander was cranky. No other 6th grader had to wear matching glow-in-the-dark skeleton costumes with their 3-year-old brother.

“one mo, pweeeeze,” little Max begged.

Xander sighed, grabbed Max’s hand and yanked him to the final house.

The porch light flickered.

A boy dressed as a skeleton opened the door. His costume was different – he looked REAL.

Max whimpered.

The light flickered again. The boy vanished.

“Where did he go?” Xander’s neck prickled.

A voice whispered from behind, “Trick-or-Treat.”


Their goodie baskets were full.

Even 6th graders still get goosebumps.

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